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SummarySo who the heck is everyone on here? Add your details below!
Logon Real name Job Title Wiki Interests
spgtijg Ian Gowrie web monkey curious bystander
spbcjds John Stephenson Senior lecturer MSc Neuroscience Programme Leader
spnetjs Tim Siddall wiki web monkey taking pictures
spbcjds John Stephenson Senior lecturer Synaptic plasticity
spneelt Elizabeth L. Tudor Postdoc in Neuroscience MND
spneajt Andy Thompson Postdoc in Neuroscience Proteomics & Mass Spectrometry
sprdtcm Tim McIlhinney R&D Funding Manager Just curious
spnenjb Noel Buckley Professor of Molecular Neurobiology Head of Neuroscience Department
k1194130 David Brown Research Coordinator and PA to Head of Psychosis Studies Department Interested in useful tools